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Services offered at Jewell Family Dentistry & Orthodontics

Prevention services


When you become a new patient of ours we will complete a full comprehensive evaluation of your oral health. This appointment usually takes about 90 minutes. At this appointment we generally get a full set of x-rays, and evaluate a variety of information such as jaw joint, head and neck soft tissue, intraoral soft tissue, oral cancer screening, previous dental work, and the current condition of your teeth and gums. We also take pictures inside your mouth with our intraoral camera and then discuss Dr. Scarrow’s findings by showing you the x-rays and pictures on our TV. At that point we discuss any problems and make a plan together for what treatment you elect to receive. In most instances, after treatment is discussed and all questions are answered you will receive a professional cleaning the same day.

A licensed hygienist or dentist will remove stains and plaque that brushing and flossing can’t do on their own. He or she will also evaluate the gums and attachment tissue and recommend any changes that could be done to improve home care. Prevention is key to establishing a healthy mouth and with exams 2 times a year Dr. Scarrow can diagnose any small changes, trying to catch problems while they are small and easily manageable.

Periodontitis is a chronic infection that affects your gum tissues and bone surrounding your teeth. People are very surprised to find out that 47% of adults 30 or older show signs of periodontitis. That number rises to 70% of individuals when those 65+ are evaluated! Research is showing a very strong link between periodontitis and severe health concerns such as heart disease, stroke, and type II diabetes, so diagnosis and treatment is extremely important for your overall health. Scaling and root planing (deep cleaning) will be recommended in many cases. This is typically done in 2-4 appointments. The hygienist or dentist will get you numb and clean under the gums and on the root surfaces of your teeth. After this is completed you are recommended to have your teeth cleaned every 3-4 months until the gums and attachment tissues are at healthy levels.

Our office is also very excited and proud to provide PerioProtect trays to our patients. PerioProtect trays are an excellent and non-invasive way to improve the health of the gums, and will often be recommended alongside or in addition to deep cleanings. These trays carry a medicated gel to the infected site to eliminate bacteria in the pockets, promote healing, reduce chronic bleeding, and optimize your oral and systemic health. We have seen incredible results by our patients already using this technology!

Fluoride varnish can be beneficial for kids and adults and is usually placed once or twice a year at your dental cleanings. It adheres to the tooth and can help prevent cavities and decrease sensitivity.

Dental Sealants are usually placed on children’s teeth when their adult teeth erupt. Sealants are placed in the grooves of molars to help prevent cavities from ever developing.

X-rays are an important part of a comprehensive exam so we are able to diagnose any irregularities with your teeth or gum tissues. With our up to date Digital X-ray machines, you will be exposed to significantly less radiation than the older film X-rays (approximately 90% lower)!

Restorative dentistry

Restorative & Cosmetic

One of the best ways to replace missing teeth is a Dental Implant. In this process, you fill first get a referral to the Oral surgeon or other specialist to have the implant placed. Secondly, you will return to our office for impressions and preparation for placement of a crown. This treatment is the closest thing to true look, feel and function of a natural tooth.

Composite (tooth colored) fillings are usually done in one appointment to a tooth that has decay, cracks/fractures or is worn down. Not only are composite fillings more esthetic but they are shown to be better for the tooth, as Dr. Scarrow can remove less tooth structure and bond these fillings into place. Amalgam (silver) fillings can be placed if need be. Fillings often have to be replaced over time, but can last longer with good home care and regular dental exams.

Veneers are a wonderful option to help improve your smile. They are a permanent option that takes a couple of appointments start to finish. They are lab made porcelain pieces that are permanently cemented on the front of your teeth. They can change the appearance to make teeth whiter, straighter or close spaces.

Crowns (caps) can be done for several reasons such as a broken or cracked tooth, a tooth with a large filling that is compromising its strength, a root canal treated tooth, or a cosmetic improvement.  A crown is a 2-appointment procedure.  The first visit we get a perfect shade match and take a very detailed impression to be sent to the lab.  At the second visit we remove the temporary and cement the lab made all ceramic crown.

Bridges are placed to replace missing teeth.  This is an alternative to implants for a treatment option where the false tooth is fixed in the mouth (not removable).  It a s 2-appointment procedure. The first visit we get a perfect shade match and a take a very detailed impression to be sent to the lab. At the second visit we remove the temporary bridge and evaluate, then cement the lab-made bridge.

We offer tooth whitening or bleaching to help whiten your smile. It is a 2-appointment procedure, and can be done concurrently with a cleaning or other visit if desired. At the first visit we take impressions and make custom bleach trays right here in our laboratory. At the second visit we deliver your trays to you and go over home care instructions. Patients often have excellent results from this type of bleaching.

Root Canal therapy is recommended when the nerve of the tooth is infected or has died. This service is generally done in our office, although rarely we may need to refer you to the Endodontist. These have a very bad reputation, but generally are no more painful or problematic than a routine filling appointment!

To replace missing teeth dentures or partial dentures are an option you can choose. These usually take several weeks with multiple appointments to make sure they fit perfectly and you are satisfied with the result. Steps involved will include impressions of your tissues, and appointments to make sure that the bite and esthetics are ideal.
Sometimes dentures attach to existing teeth, in which case they would be called partial dentures. They also may attach to implants if no teeth are present, which can give patients dramatically more retention and stability and improve function of comfort of existing dentures.

We provide extractions (including most wisdom teeth) and some minor gum surgery. Extensive surgical procedures will be referred to an Oral Surgeon.

We provide athletic mouth guards for anyone who is interested. This is especially helpful for middle school or high school athletes, or anybody in a contact sport. We take an impression of your teeth and custom make a mouthguard which fits much tighter and more comfortably than a mouthguard you would form at home, and prevents trauma such as tooth fracture and concussions.

There are multiple options to help with tooth grinding, which is a very prevalent problem. Oftentimes we can make a custom guard that we fabricate in our lab. Other times, it is best to take impressions to get models of your teeth and send them to a laboratory for fabrication of a custom, hard acrylic guard. Dr. Scarrow will evaluate your condition and recommend the best option.

Nitrous Oxide, also known as laughing gas, is an excellent way to reduce anxiety and increase comfort in patients of all ages. We offer this service to those who request it.



 Jewell Family Dentistry is excited to offer orthodontic treatment (braces) as a service to our patients. Click HERE to read more about orthodontic treatment.

Another form of orthodontic treatment which is recommended for specific cases is Clear Aligner orthodontic therapy. Click HERE to read more about orthodontic treatment at Jewell Family Dentistry.

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